Carbon One Fertilizer

Effective for all plant types.

C1 is a revolution in plant health, stimulating roots to boost the health, balance, and vitality of the plant, its soil, and the biologicals that aid plant growth. Effective for all plant types, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass. C1 boosts plant size and quality. C1 is environmentally safe.

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Great for homeowners who have inside plants and a few trees, shrubs, and flowers out in the yard.

$23.00 - $36.00

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Great for nurseries, landscape maintenance, and installation companies, arborists, HOA’s, and homeowners' trees, plants, and lawns that they want to keep growing great and healthy.

$90.00 - $189.00

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For those who will be treating a lot of plants like nursery growers, fertilizer service companies, golf courses, farmers, and cities.

$325.00 - $15,000.00

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C1 Photosynthesis

Just like plant sugars and carbohydrates, Carbon One is an energized carbon molecule.

When applied foliar Carbon One is readily absorbed through the leaves and enters the vascular system of the plant, where it is sent downward with the plant’s own sugars.

Carbon One increases both the energy and carbon levels of the plant, greatly improving carbon flow.


C1 Respiration

Carbon One increases the energized carbon at the roots.

Whether sent through the vascular system of the plant, or applied directly to the soil, the increased energy and carbon dramatically increases biological populations and activity.

Increased biological activity increases the amount of acids and exudates present to be absorbed and used for root and plant growth. It also increases the amount of hydrogen ions available to release nutrients in the soil.

Carbon One at the roots means greater plant growth and more available nutrients.



Shake well before each use

Don’t use, store or mix Carbon One with anything metal, because it will de energize the product making it less effective.

Carbon One makes any other product you mix with it highly available to the plant. Don’t mix Carbon One with other products that can do harm at higher dosage rates

If using an Ortho style sprayer, use at a rate of 6-8 oz. per gallon. Then water desired plant normally

Keep Out of Reach of Children

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