Carbon One Fertilizer Results

Effective for all plant types.

Local Utah Lawn Care & Consulting Services

While GroMax provides reliable lawn nutrient products to growers across the United States, we also provide essential on-site lawn care services to clients in the South Jordan, UT area. Whether you’re a landscaper or home gardener, our team can provide the consulting and maintenance service you need to ensure your ecosystem remains healthy through each season. Take advantage of all our lawn care consulting services and contact us directly to learn more!

Tree & Lawn Care

GroMax’s landscaping experts can help ensure your trees and grass grow as well as they possibly can. We know how critical of a role trees play in any residential or commercial landscaping and how valuable of an asset they are. Whether you’re eager to plant more trees or want to take care of existing ones, GroMax can help you ensure their health and vitality are improved and maintained. Additionally, our consultants can ensure your lawn is as lush and green as possible without the use of harmful chemicals.

On-Site Soil Testing

Our team at GroMax knows one of the key aspects when it comes to maintaining a healthy landscape is having the right soil. The nutrient makeup of your soil can mean the difference between having plants, grass, and trees that are strong and healthy and having difficulty getting anything to grow. The answer to any issue you may be having with your agricultural efforts lies in your soil! Let GroMax help you discover the literal root of your problem and ensure your soil is conducive to growing healthy plants.

Water Quality Treatments & Consulting

Both residential and commercial landscapes often have different water features that create an overall beautiful aesthetic. However, the quality of the water itself is critical in order to maintain balance between the flora, fauna, and microbial biology. GroMax provides the consulting services you need to identify any potential issues with your fountains, bird baths, ponds, and water tanks and to come up with a solution.

Permaculture Consulting & Design

When it comes to your landscaping as a whole, GroMax can ensure every aspect has a chance to flourish by providing advice on the overall layout and design. Through our permaculture consulting and design services, we can share our 40 years’ worth of landscaping knowledge with you and help you promote health and sustainability. Let us help you curate a layout of trees, grass, water features, and more that is both functional and beautiful.

Choose GroMax To Keep Your Utah Landscaping Healthy

GroMax’s landscaping experts in Utah are happy to help anyone — arborists, landscapers, home gardeners, or homeowners — have the knowledge they need to protect the well-being of their grass, tree, plants, and flowers. Let us provide you with the advice you need and help supplement the health of your lawn with our CarbonOne and Algae Block products.

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