Carbon One Fertilizer Frequently Asked Questions

Effective for all plant types.

Carbon One Fertilizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Carbon One?

A: Carbon One is an energized carbon catalyst infused with oxygen, hydrogen and nutrients. It enhances root systems, energizing plants to greater health, growth, and production.

Q: How does Carbon One Work?

A: By giving the plant more of what it already produces through photosynthesis, energized carbon molecules. This stimulates more root growth and microbial life in the soil through the carbon flow, which in turn provides more uptake of nutrients for better health and growth.

Q: What can I use Carbon One on?

A: All plants including vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Q: What’s in Carbon One?

A: Carbon One is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen infused with energy to produce similar carbohydrates, or sugars, that the plant would naturally produce through photosynthesis. There are also trace amounts of nutrient and other components to help provide better uptake of Carbon One into the plant.

Q: Is Carbon One safe to use around kids and pets?

A: Carbon One is made from near food grade components and is totally safe around you and the environment. It is a completely natural product.

Q: Is there any fertilizer in Carbon One?

A: There are small amounts of Nitrogen(N), Phosphate(P), Potash(K), and Sulfur(S) 3-2-2+1%S

Q: How much Carbon One do I need?

A: We recommend using 2 0z. of Carbon One undiluted per diameter inch of tree trunk. As a follow up treatment we recommend the same amount but as a soak, drench and foliar spray diluted 1:16 with water.

Q: How is Carbon One different from normal fertilizer?

A: Fertilizers provide nutrient to the plant which help with the nutrient flow up into the plant. Carbon One provides more of the same sugars it natural produces through photosyntheses and energy which help with the carbon flow down in to the roots, then in turn helps with nutrient flow.

Q: Does Carbon One replace other conventional fertilizers?

A: No. Your soils may be deficient in major and micro nutrients. Carbon One can only help in the uptake of nutrients if they are already present in the soil.

Q: When do I use Carbon One?

A: Carbon One can be used any time as directed especially for struggling trees. Normally the two best times are early spring and late fall.

Q: Why do I need to use Carbon One in he early Spring?

A: We use Carbon One in early poring before the plant buds out to give the plant plenty of energized carbon molecules, which it produces through photosyntheses, to start respiration and wake up the plant and the soil as it bids out.

Q: Why do I need to use Carbon One in the late fall?

A: We use Carbon One towards the end of the season because that is when the plant is setting new buds and determining how much energy, sugars, and nutrients it has for next years growth. In other words, giving it a head start for the next year.

Q: Will Carbon One be effected in wet weather and fo I need to wait to irrigate after applying it?

A: No, you do not need to worry about water affecting Carbon One treatments, since it is absorbed immediately through the bark in to the cambium layer and down into the roots.

Q: What other ways does Carbon One help?

A: Carbon One assist in overall plant health which can result in a plants natural defense to fight off harmful pests and diseases. Because of the increase of carbon flow to the roots and surrounding soil, this spurs soil health by increasing microbial life, balancing PH, and reducing harmful salts.