Why You Should Choose GroMax

Why You Should Choose GroMax

Plants are the backbone of our ecosystem. We rely on them for oxygen, food, shelter, and even to boost our serotonin levels with beautiful landscapes and outdoor hobbies. No matter if you are a landscaper, gardener, or house plant enthusiast, one question always lingers in the air — what nutrients should I get to boost my plants’ health and production? At GroMax, we have been studying how plants grow, developing an innovative, revolutionary fertilizer that improves the overall carbon flow of nutrients from the plants’ leaves to their root system. Keep reading to learn more about how we can improve the overall quality and health of your plants while shopping for our Carbon One natural fertilizer and other lawn care products.

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Backed By Decades of Landscaping Experience

For more than 40 years, GroMax has been studying and understanding the unique makeup of nutrients and carbon flow that contribute to the overall growth of plants. We seek to be visionaries in our field, combining experience and innovative knowledge to produce revolutionary lawn care products to aid in more efficient, natural garden maintenance.


We Sell The Same Products That We Use Every Day

While many companies are solely product developers, GroMax prides itself on selling the exact same products that we use every day on our own lawns, gardens, and landscapes. While all of our lawn care and water maintenance products are available to purchase online, we also specialize in our services around in-person lawn care and consulting services to clients in the South Jordan, UT area providing quality lawn and garden maintenance with our very own products. Our services include:

  • General Tree & Lawn Care

  • On-Site Soil Testing

  • Water Quality Treatments & Consulting

  • Permaculture Consulting & Design

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Revolutionary Products With Breakthrough Technologies

Our natural fertilizer, Carbon One, is a revolutionary advancement in the field of plant growth. Our deep understanding of a plant’s growth cycle allows us to maximize a plant’s carbon energy intake, increasing the available nutrients in its root system, and promoting overall plant potential. No matter the weather, you will have the ability to control your garden’s, lawn’s, or crop’s carbon intake creating an eco-friendly approach to garden maintenance and plant production.

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Plants Will See Guaranteed Improvement

Carbon One is a natural fertilizer composed of an energized carbon catalyst infused with oxygen, hydrogen, and nutrients. This product boosts plant growth by giving the plant additional support through energized carbon molecules, maximizing a plant’s carbon flow process, and freeing up more nutrients for optimized plant growth and yield production. Carbon One is suitable for all plant types including vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass.

Let GroMax help you get the most out of your landscape or garden with our revolutionary, environmentally friendly garden and lawn care products. Our products are safe and effective for both residential and commercial use. Revitalize your plants with Carbon One!